good evening

it’s been a while since I wrote here, rather January when the college basketball season was over, now I’ve lingered forward the entire baseball season, or rather taken my breaks in the summer or when there was other private going on, which I can’t say be active all the damn time then you have no life anymore and the family is always the most important no matter how fun the betting is, the result in MLB so far is not good, because I was a bit inconsistent with my playing and had too much minus days one it was plus

this weekend college football will start again, and you know I played the past season pretty hard, and I will do this again, that means every weekend friday to sunday it will be played for at least 15 weeks, and as you can see, this was successful

so if you wanted to join, it’s the same setup as before, I put my games in with motivation, mostly if I have access to a computer, to be able to see what I played its cost 149kr a month, and I promise it can be up to 20 games every weekend, then I am on twitter where all games go out automatically @ronnyfett, then I hope I can use this platform a little more often again, results for each night played are available always on twitter or 

thank you Ronny 


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